Membership in the alliance is accepted by a decision of the board of directors of the alliance if the conditions for membership are fulfilled.
In the event that the council is convinced that the membership of the applicant (organization, network, or person) is accepted for membership, the
For the alliance to add quality that contributes to achieving the goals of the coalition.

people   Institutions of civil society

Conditions for joining membership:

a. To be an Iraqi citizen.
B. To be at least 21 years old.
T. Full eligibility.
Th. He is interested in issues of transparency in the extractive industries, integrity or anti-corruption.
C. He believes in the goals and the work of the coalition and works to achieve them.
H. Good conduct and no crime related to terrorism or corruption.
Kh. He shall respect the opinion and the other opinion and the rules of civilized dialogue during the discussions
And the correspondence that takes place in all coalition activities and on social media pages
Alliance Messaging Groups.
Dr.. Submit an application to join the coalition with a commitment to implement the coalition's bylaw.
Y. The new member accepts as a participant for a period of (6) months, during which he is not entitled to vote or nominate
Provided that after that he would obtain the status of a member of the coalition.
R. It is taken into consideration that the percentage of people does not exceed 20% of the total number of coalition members except
Who is excluded from this with the approval of the Board of Directors.

Registration for people

Conditions for joining membership:

a. The non-governmental organization or network must be registered with the NGO Department of
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers according to the Organizations Law No. 12 of 2010, and in the region
Kurdistan according to Law No. 1 of 2011 or registered in a special law for unions and federations
B. To have an interest in issues of transparency in extractive industries, integrity, or control.
Corruption, human rights, or the media, and that they be documented in the internal system and activities
the organization.
T. Submit a request to join the coalition printed on the form of the organization, and a pledge in which you are committed to implementing the system
Alliance procedure.
Th. You are bound to respect opinion and other opinion, and the rules of civilized dialogue during discussions.
And the correspondence that takes place in all the activities of the coalition and on the social media pages and
Alliance Messaging Groups.
C. The acceptance of the new organization into the coalition as a participant for a period of six months cannot vote.
Or nomination during that period, and then the organization obtains membership status in the alliance.

civil society organizations