The importance of environmental disclosure for the protection of local people in the extractive industries sectors.

Dr. Adnan Bahia November 1, 2021

Iraqi Alliance for Transparency in The Extractive Industries in cooperation with THER Development Center , held a dialogue session at the Marbad Hotel in Basra on October 31, 2021 about the importance of environmental disclosure in the reports of the Transparency Initiative for Extractive Industries in Iraq attended by 30 civil society activists from Basra, Maysan, DhiQar and Muthanna provinces, in which a lecture was presented by Dr. Walid Al-Musawi, Director General of the Department of Environmental Protection in the Southern Region.

The session discussed the importance of environmental disclosure, the nature and causes of pollution in the producing provinces, especially Basra, the negative effects of environmental pollution on the population, methods of prevention and treatment of pollutants, means of prevention and compulsory protection against pollution as a result of extraction industries.

 Participants addressed the necessities of protecting biodiversity and increasing green spaces, standard afforestation in relation to the population and other topics related to the nature of Basra and the marine impacts on its waters.

At the end of the session, a number of recommendations and proposals were put forward to develop the environmental situation in Basra and the need for annual disclosure of the environmental situation in the initiative's reports.