The wildfires devour the greenbelt of southern Europe, from Turkey to Spain.

Dr. Adnan Bahia August 9, 2021

 Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain are suffering from large fires that have affected thousands of kilometers of its forests, cities, resorts, tourist beaches and coasts overlooking the White Sea and the Aegean Sea as a result of the heat waves and severe floods that have swept the world these days, and despite the small number of human victims, the losses in the environment, infrastructure, housing, fire engines and equipment are estimated at billions.

All of this requires, internationally and collectively, the voice of people on climate change around the world, especially if we hear the news that forest fires have occurred in Siberia, the far north of Russia, which is cold and freezing most days of the year!

It is not just a problem of one nation, but a global confrontation that we all need an organized movement and global efforts to address the causes of change that led to the climate crisis, something that should have happened years ago before it worsened today in such a terrible way. Unfortunately, the voice of activists around the world could not speak out against governments, companies and financial institutions to stop or cut back on fossil fuel financing, and despite all these blatant encroachments on the global climate, 1320 drilling operations are underway around the world.

Climate change is causing tragedies everywhere; floods, hurricanes, fires, desertification, drying up rivers, wells, springs and rain-dependent water sources continue and do not decrease unless extractive industries and fossil fuels cease or decline in exchange for increased efforts to build a clean energy future for all.

While the Covid pandemic has forced some countries to reduce their industrial and oil production due to pandemic closures over 2020, oil-producing countries are as usual prepared to increase their production again at a faster pace and higher production to compensate for what they saw as pandemic losses, without considering the negative effects on the environment and increased pollution rates caused by these policies.

On the other hand, there are some efforts to reduce the disadvantages of fossil energy. Indonesia's Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has declared its disapproval of the construction of any new coal-fired power stations as one of the most vulnerable countries in the face of climate collapse, with 23 million people living in coastal areas at risk of flooding and sinking, and there are those calling on Indonesia to phase out coal and other fossil fuels, so the state is moving in the right direction environmentally and humanely.

Japan is asked to stop financing coal generation in Bangladesh, Japan, a member of the Group of Seven, participated in the summit held in London on June 11, 2021 on climate finance, while funding coal-fired power plants in Bangladesh, projects that have displaced communities as a result of their climate impacts. As a developing country and in need of any support it could receive, the Green New Deal project was launched to put pressure on the government to cancel all coal-fired projects and pursue new solar projects.

Activists from around the world organized World Action Days - from 17 to 22 June - to end funding for fossil fuel projects, deforestation and human rights violations in many parts of the world, including Tokyo, Jakarta, New York, Brazil and many more. There are calls for all countries around the world to develop a road map to rely on clean and renewable energy rather than increasing oil and gas burning.

One of the most prominent climatic impacts is the extreme heat waves that extend around the world, with The City of Jacobabad in Pakistan recorded as the hottest city in the world, with temperatures reaching 52°C, and in Iraq Basra, Maysan and DhiQar recording similar degrees. Other parts of Asia and Europe have also experienced unprecedented record temperatures that have led to fires in forests considered to be the respiratory lungs of the earth and to compensate their oxygen levels.