who are we

The alliance is a coalition of non-governmental organizations, unions, professional unions, media organizations, academic and legal figures, oil experts, and economists. Independent, voluntary, not-for-profit, concerned with transparency and control of extractive industries revenues and good governance in managing revenues, as they are the backbone of the economy and a path to development and the well-being of the Iraqi people.
The Iraqi Alliance for Transparency in Extractive Industries is a member of the Alliance (share what you pay)

Our vision

Optimal investment of extractive industries resources achieves development and consolidates democracy

Our Mission

"Enhancing the transparency of the resources of extractive industries and activating good governance in their management to achieve development, sustainable development and equitable distribution of wealth for all the Iraqi people."

Our goals

Alliance goals:
1. The participation of civil society and independent personalities within the framework of a national non-governmental and non-profit alliance on the basis of shared responsibility to reduce corruption and achieve transparency in the field of extractive industries and build good governance in Iraq.
2. Supporting the National Initiative for Transparency in the Extractive Industries in accordance with the standards of the International Initiative to achieve full transparency in the extractive industries.
3. Promote a culture of transparency and integrity in the extractive industries sector in Iraq, and eliminate administrative and financial corruption in it.
4. Promote societal accountability and good governance in the extractive industries sector in Iraq.
5. Accountability and transparency regarding the optimal use of extractive industries resources to achieve development.
6. Promoting the optimal investment of the Iraqi extractive industries resources.
7. Ensuring the achievement of competitive and transparent licensing rounds and contracts in the extractive industries sector that can be compared to similar contracts locally and internationally.
8. Creating a legal framework that contributes to supporting transparency in the Iraqi extractive industries and ways to use its resources to enhance the sustainable development of Iraqi society.
9. Work to find commonalities and bridge points of view in designing national policies in the field of energy and extractive industries.

Our approach to development

To achieve its goals, the coalition adopts a number of means: -
a. Programs to build and develop the capabilities of coalition members.
B. Programs to support the implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative standards as a benchmark for transparency in the Iraqi extractive industries sector.
T. Programs to promote good governance.
D. Programs to combat administrative and financial corruption.
C. Media programs and support and advocacy campaigns.
H. Special programs for forming economic, legal, financial and other specializations that contribute to supporting the work of the coalition.
Kh. Special programs for preparing various studies on the extractive industries sector
Dr. Induction programs and civil defense campaigns that contribute to achieving the goals of the coalition
Y. Programs to develop economic resources for the Iraqi citizen

Rules of Procedure for the Iraqi Alliance for Transparency in Extractive Industries